Bring the nature into daily routine office

The daily routine seems to affect our life and sometimes we feel suffocated by its boredness. The early wake –up in the morning, the way we get to work, the dull office that waits for us and so on. We need changes, we need diversity, special places where we can work and feel at ease when we develop our activity. Sometimes a little bit of color seems to change our entire mood and rhythm.

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The Danish designer Rosan Bosch seems to have the same opinion when he was asked by manufacturer’s products for health PreviaSundhed to create a working place which inspires you health, beauty of nature and relaxation. Thus for the offices of the company in Copenhagen there were used organic prints on the walls, transparent walls and some other pieces of furniture with an organic shape which complete this comfortable working place.

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For the dining room there were used images of red trees while for the offices there were used decorative floral patterns. In the meeting rooms there are round organic shaped tables made of laminated wood and solid walnut. The main decorative material used for all these prints is the adhesive tape and the appearance of all these images with elements from nature make us feel more relaxed when we work. It makes you imagine that you are in the middle of nature or in those lovely spaces from kinder garden where there are used almost the same colorful prints on the walls which make kids feel happy and comfortable.