Bring Spring Into Your Home And Let The Freshness Envelop It

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everything seems more beautiful when it’s sunny and nice outside. You no longer have to snooze the alarm three times before you finally get up and you have more energy for everything. Even cleaning the house becomes a breeze. It’s all due to spring. So let it envelop your home and let its freshness inside your home. Here are some tips that could help with that.

Make your windows sparkle.

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You could start spring cleaning by taking care of the windows. Use vinegar to make an all-purpose cleaner and use it to make your windows sparkle. This way the sun will invade your home and you’ll be able to really start to enjoy spring.

Replace the rugs.

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As you probably already know, the heavy wool and oriental rugs shouldn’t really be kept in the house all year long. They are great for winter because they’re warm and cozy but now that spring is finally here you might want to replace them with something more suitable.

Slipcovers for the furniture.

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It would be basically impossible to replace the furniture just because it doesn’t really match your springy décor. So a simple solution would be to just give it a makeover. Some crisp white cotton slipcovers will do the trick. It’s easy and it’s low-maintenance.

Natural materials.

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To add freshness to your home you could also use natural materials. For example, you could opt for something as simple as rattan storage boxes or natural-fiber mats. The idea is to spread them throughout the house and to make them a part of the décor.

Fresh and clean plants.

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Since spring is a synonym of rejuvenation and of all plants coming back to life, it would also be a good idea to make sure your indoor plants are healthy and beautiful as well. For that you can use a banana peel. Run it along the tops and undersides of the leaves and they will get a nice polish.

De-clutter first.

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Before you start spring cleaning you should first de-clutter every room. It’s easier this way. So get rid of all the knick knacks and only after that you can start the real cleaning process. Throw out broken items and things you no longer need and store those that you wish to preserve.

Be organized.

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When you de-clutter and clean a room, try to be organized. This means you should get several bins or boxes and organize everything in them. This way they won’t get mixed up and you’ll be able to more easily rearrange them back.

Let the fresh air in.

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It wouldn’t really feel like spring if you weren’t able to smell the fresh air. So before you start cleaning or doing anything else, open the windows and let the freshness inside. The atmosphere will instantly change.

Replace the accessories.

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The accessories and all the little details are what give your home character. So it would be useful to replace them now that spring is here. Choose something more appropriate for this season. It would be best to have two sets of accessories: one for spring and summer and one for autumn and winter.

Try to maintain the freshness.

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It would be pointless to spend all that time cleaning and transforming the house if you wouldn’t be able to maintain the freshness. It’s why it would be useful to have a daily cleaning schedule. This way things won’t pile up and cleaning won’t feel like a burden.

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