Brilliant Lamp Brillo by Marchetti

Lighting has always affected the interior design of a room and the atmosphere that can be created here. The intensity of a source of light may also make you feel more comfortable, more romantic or fuller of dynamism.Marchetti believes that light has always had a strong effect on our senses and if you look at his creation called Lamp Brillo you will agree him.

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Lamp Brillo is an extremely beautiful lamp that resembles the model of a classic sparkling huge chandelier. It looks like a huge cactus and it will definitely become a focal point of any place where you intend to put it. The remarkable thing about this lamp is that it is available in different sizes and various types. You may find it as floor lamp, pendant lamp or attached on the wall. So you have the opportunity to choose the type of lamp that you need and fits your interior. The floor lamps may also be used for outdoor spaces and they are perfect for the parties.

Brilliant Lamp Brillo by MarchettiView in gallery

Your guests will be fascinated by the elegant shape and its sparkling exterior side that makes you think of a brilliant chandelier.

Brillo Lamp is an exquisite piece that combines the classic image of a chandelier with the modern shape of a great lamp.