Brightening Your Sofa with Spring Inspiration

Your sofa is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home. With it being so large, it is no wonder that bringing color and inspiration into the space with it, is essential. Your sofa serves the function of being more than just a seating place. In fact, it can set the tone of a place. The mood of your interiors can be changed by giving your sofa a nice spring-themed makeover.

spring clean sofa lines
A beautiful sofa with clean lines

Decorate Patterned Sofas

Patterned sofas are a very good fit for the spring season. Days are gone when patterned sofas were thought to be a part of outdated living room. Patterned seating with a new crop of modern fabrics will be simply eye catching and irresistible. Different types of pattern and print options are there for sofas. For example, you can bring the fresh look of spring into your living area by decorating your Blanche sofa with a floral seat cover and a tufted leather back. You can also cover the whole sofa by a floral printed arabesque woolen fabric.

spring sofa color
Spring colored fabrics will make your sofa feel fresh and new

Uplift the Look of Your Leather Sofa

You can give your leather sofa a spring makeover by placing one or two flower-shaped, puffy throw pillows on it besides the back cushions. You can include the wall right behind the sofa, the coffee table or the ottoman, and the space at the both sides of the sofa in your makeover scheme. Hang a large painting of greenery on the wall, place two pots with slightly bigger plants on both sides of the sofa, place a small vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table, and your leather sofa will smile at you with all the freshness of this season.

spring sofa pillows
Perk up your leather sofa

Use Uplifting Spring Colors

Using colors, especially bright and vibrant ones, is an effective way to celebrate spring. A fresh new hue can change the mood of your room into a festive one, just like the mood permeating outside. For example, if you want to decorate the sofa and its accessories with orange color like tangerine orange or Hermes orange, you can do it by choosing orange and white striped fabrics for the coffee table or ottoman and ash- or white-colored fabrics for the sofa and back cushions. Choose the same orange striped fabrics for one or two back cushions. Complement the décor by choosing a black and white floral printed wallpaper for the wall behind the sofa.

spring sofa colorful pillows
Add color with fresh spring inspired pillows
spring sofa flowers darker colors
Bring spring into your sofa area with flowers and decorative accents

While doing a spring makeover to your sofa, make sure that its color does not contrast to the color of the walls. If you do so, the size of the sofa will get emphasis and the space will appear smaller than its actual size. So, choose a color that will blend into your floor or walls. For example, orange colored sofa will provide a huge contrast to peacock walls but the same walls will blend well with leaf green sofa.

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