Bright studio apartment with stairs for bed

This studio apartment is located somewhere in Stockholm. The reason why it’s so interesting is because it has a very bright and beautiful interior design. The apartment is very airy and refreshing. It features a modern and minimalist décor and the main color used for this design is white. This is also the reason why it’s so bright and airy.

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The studio apartment features white walls, floors and ceilings throughout. There are some exceptions for the bathroom and for a small area in between the rooms. Usually the floors are not as shiny as these ones. In this case, the color choice was a strategic option in order to maintain the overall glossy and bright look. To make things even simpler, the furniture is minimalist and mostly missing. The bedroom, for example, features only a bed, a rocking chair and a transparent nightstand. It has white walls, ceiling, floor and drapes. The rocking chair is a star piece meant to steal all the attention.

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It’s the same for the rest of the rooms. The décor is minimalist and neutral with the exception of some elements. These are accent pieces strategically placed all over the apartment. There’s not much color in here. The only colorful elements are the red elements from the work area. The large windows let in lot of natural sunlight and when it comes in contact with the vast white surfaces the effect is immaculate. It should be peaceful to live in such an apartment. However, it must also be difficult to maintain everything so white and perfect.{found on Sköna Hem}.