Bright Silver Crush Table by Fredrikson Stallard

If you ask women to choose a present for them, most of their answers will be: a bunch of flowers, a perfume, and a purse and of course many of them will say a jewel. The refinement of a bracelet, the elegance of a necklace or the brightness of a ring are things that will always be admired and appreciated by women .A jewel is a symbol for elegance, refinement, richness and good taste and men should pay attention to all these details in order to choose the perfect piece.

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A piece which can become precious for your interior space and design is this bright Silver Crush Table, designed by Fredrikson Stallard.This table looks like a real jewel which will become eye catching for every guest of your house who will not stop from admiring and looking at your wonderful Silver Crush Table every second. The table is made of glass, stainless steel and polished aluminum.

The transparency of the glass and the silver nuance of the stainless steel and aluminum will make it to become brighter and more attractive. It has a modern and elegant design incorporated in a rectangular shape that will transform your interior space into a refined and beautiful area.