Bright ÉLYSÉE Sofa

Sofas are where you relax after a hard day’s work, where you watch TV or enjoy a nice glass of wine, where you snuggle down and cuddle up. If you’re not a fan of sophisticated and complicated designs when it comes to furniture, then you probably prefer something a little more simple, something like the ÉLYSÉE sofa. This is an extremely simple sofa. At the same time, it is bright and fun.

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A contemporary sofa needs to be comfortable, stylish and versatile and most of all it needs to fit in with your home. You need to know that whichever sofa you choose, you’ll be buying a quality piece of furniture which will last as long as you want it to, and become a part of your family memories for years to come. This lovely piece can be included in the living room, office or maybe even in other rooms of the house. The simplicity of the design is impressive. However this doesn’t mean it is less comfortable.

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The dimensions of this beautiful sofa are 66.92″w x 31.49″d x 27.55″h. It is available in pink and orange. What’s more the living room is the centerpiece to any home, a place that provides space to spend time with family and friends, and the heart of any living room is, of course, the sofa, so choose carefully.Available on site.