Bright Amsterdam home with a Scandinavian interior design

It seems like Scandinavian-inspired decors are very popular these days. I guess it’s because the simplicity they evocate and the clean feel they help create. As you probably know, Scandinavian decors area almost always white. This is the main color you need to keep in mind when trying to recreate such a design. Whether you get your inspiration from countries such as Holland, Germany or the Nordic countries, the main ideas are basically the same.

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The nice thing about Scandinavian interior designs is that they don’t impose a strict décor. They also offer the freedom of combining those elements with other styles. It’s almost like working with a black canvas, literary. This apartment is located in Amsterdam and it’s the perfect example for that. Notice how bright the apartment looks. It’s not only because it’s spacious but mostly because it’s white. This always creates the impression of larger spaces and it’s a great trick for small homes.

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Also, look how serene and peaceful the décor seems. It’s obvious that there’s a string Scandinavian influence but it’s not just that. The apartment also features some non-characteristic elements, mostly in the case of all the architectural details. It’s really not as simple as it looks. Notice all the ornaments and the decorations. They have been cleverly integrated into the décor without attracting attention. Also, all the old woodwork is very beautiful and really stands out.{found on delikatissen}