Bridge House designed by Max Pritchard

On the outskirt of Adelaide, Australia, bridge house is located.  This amazing house was designed by architect Max Pritchard. The house was made over a rocky River stream has scattered with red river gum trees. Commonly used industrial building resources and passive heating and cooling techniques are used while creating the home to keep the house monetarily and ecologically sensible.

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The house was primarily based upon a pair of huge truss like structure and that are anchored by concrete dock, Pritchard admitted that he wanted to build a home that touched the earth lightly. The home equipped with concrete slab floor and huge glass panels.

The walls and roof are built by corrugated steel. Long and narrow floor of the house ensure cross ventilation. In combination with this the louvered window extension allows sunrays to enter during winter season but obstruct during the summer. On the roof of this amazing house photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters are installed to reinforce so that one can stay comfortably. This beautiful house is really one of the unique houses with great architecture.