A House That Forms A Bridge Between Two Different Cultures

Blending two styles is always challenging and things get even more complicated when two different cultures are involved. Even two regions that are close to each other geographically or two parts of the same country can have big cultural differences. For example, Northern and Southern Vietnam are quite different. The North is quite traditional in a lot of senses while the South is more liberal. These details are reflected in a variety of fields including architecture and interior design.

Can Tho House back facade
The house is organized in several distinct volumes
Can Tho House upper levelView in gallery
Each volume is a distinct structure with its own functions and design

This house was built by Landmak Architecture in 2016. The studio was established in 2008 by two young architects with a passion for modern design and a desire to bring this concept to their country. The house is located in Can Thor, Vietnam and it was designed for a young couple and brings together the Northern and Southern part of Vietnam.

Can Tho House entranceView in gallery
The main entrance is characterized by a mixture of modern and traditional elements
Can Tho House narrow windowView in gallery
A variety of quirky details gives character to various parts of the house
Can Tho House lobby areaView in gallery
The volumes are connected by bridges, a total of two
Can Tho House lobby viewView in gallery
This is one of the lobby areas. It has a window wall that offers a view of the garden

The clients wanted the house to reflect the differences between each one’s birth place as well as those between their styles. The two cultures that define the couple had to be impregnated into the design of the house and the result had to be a harmonious composition defined by contrasts. In order to highlight this strong discrepancy the architects decided to organize the house into several different blocks.

Can Tho House yellow window frameView in gallery
The sculptural frame of the small square window matches the bridge

These blocks are linked by bridges. One of them is yellow and it connects the master bedroom suite and its adjacent spaces to the social area. In between these blocks an interior courtyard is formed, allowing trees to become a part of the house.

Can Tho House yellow steel bridgeView in gallery
This organization brings more spaces closer to nature and allows them to dialogue with their surroundings
Can Tho House yellow bridgeView in gallery
This is one of the two bridges that connect the house volumes

The bridge isn’t just a physical link between two blocks. It’s also a metaphor of the connection between past and present and between the two cultures that define the couple living here.

Can Tho House interior staircaseView in gallery
A set of concrete stairs connect the ground floor to the upper level
Can Tho House interior stairsView in gallery
The interior design is simple and there’s not a lot of furniture in the house

The blocks are organized in two volumes connected by concrete stairs. The spaces are not particularly large but the interior design simple, classy and inviting. A Butterfly Chair complements a small table and a wooden bench here, turning the space into a casual lounge area. The hairpin legs contrast with the robust bench as well as with the stairs.

Can Tho House zen garden
The interior spaces are connected to nature in a variety of ways
Can Tho House textured wallView in gallery
The interior walls are white and some also have a nice texture and subtle geometric pattern
Can Tho House vertical garden dividerView in gallery
Indoor garden spaces are evenly spread throughout the house

In addition to the interior courtyard which adds a fresh touch to the entire house, there are also numerous other features that bring nature inside. Take this space divider for instance or the small zen garden adjacent to the lounge area.

Can Tho House dining areaView in gallery
The dining space is small and intimate, placed in a corner
Can Tho House dining room gardenView in gallery
There’s a small zen garden adjacent to the dining area

The dining area has its own zen garden and panorama window. It lets natural light into the room while also bringing in color, texture and freshness.

Can Tho House bedroom volumeView in gallery
The master bedroom is connected to the rest of the spaces by a yellow bridge
Can Tho House arched bathroomView in gallery
It has its own en-suite bathroom with a lovely arched door

The maser bedroom and its en-suite bathroom occupy the volume at the end of the yellow bridge. A platform bed occupies most of the room leaving enough space for storage cabinets and other accent pieces.