Brick Flip-Clock

I am a sucker for genuine retro and vintage items. I have recently bought a mid 70’s, Japanese amplifier that still sounds very good and brings a little bit of warmth in the nowadays soulless music. It was in a perfect condition and is definitely worth a second chance at my place. Since we’re talking about stuff that at some moment in history were a must have and now, probably a collector’s item I stumbled across this nice flip-clock.

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Let me tell you something about these kinds of items.Unless you have a trusted local vintage store or a big flee market with tons of items in your neighborhood the chances of finding something like that with the proper look and story behind are very slim. I know that I have looked for awhile on profile sites and so on for a flip-clock and I found some that didn’t work or they were in a really bad shape aesthetically speaking.

Luckily for approximately $350 you can get this Brick Flip-Clock that works perfectly and has the proper look. Most of you know what I am talking about when I mention black numbers on white backgrounds. It has a nice stainless steel case for those mornings when you want to really hurt someone or something when the alarm starts and the opportunity of choosing 24- and 12-hour format. It will look great anywhere especially if you are seriously into this kind of stuff.