Brett, Megan and Noah’s renovated loft

This creative bungalow is located in Prospect Park, Minneapolis, MN and it has been recently renovated by its very owners. Brett, Megan and Noah call this place home and they decided to make it a little more cozy and inviting. They lived here for 10 years and finally decide to give the place a makeover.

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The owners wanted a space-efficient design so they opted for nooks and a mix of old and new to make the loft charming and inviting. Their ideal of a perfect design was cozy, simple and modern. The kitchen has been previously renovated. Now it was time for the rest of the loft. The biggest challenge was to transform the basement from a dark area into a bright and airy space. The owners used reclaimed lumber, counter weighted garage doors on tracks, and industrial rubber drawer pulls to recreate the second storey of the loft. The master bedroom is very inviting and cozy. IT’S bright and airy and it features a very functional and space-efficient design.

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The basement was the most difficult part. It got a high efficiency gas fireplace and a much brighter décor. Since it was such a difficult project, for the basement they had to call in the pros. In the end, the basement got a fresh makeover and currently features a beautiful design that matches with the one in the kitchen and the second storey. The loft got new carpets throughout as well as new appliances. The owners opted for a mix of classic and modern. They used a variety of materials and decided to let the wood show its natural finish for a more authentic look.{found on apartmenttherapy}.