Breathtaking Opera House by OODA

When you’re thinking of a opera house you instantly picture something artistic, poetical, harmonious and stylish. However, nothing could prepare you for this design. design competition for the Busan Opera House in Busan, South Korea was just the opportunity Portuguese firm OODA needed.

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When they won the competition, they were ready to start this majestic project. The idea was to design a unique structure, with a shell-like look. It’s a sort of cliché that comes in out minds when thinking for example at the cartoon series with Tom & Jerry. Nevertheless, it was a very inspired choice.

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The new building is now ready to house a large range of cultural events and activities like operas, theatre, sporting and musical events. Because it was designed as an adjustable volume, the building features flexible stage locations and seating arrangements with rotating platform that can be changed according to the magnitude of the event.

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In the building there’s also a secondary multipurpose theater within the smaller volume is interconnected with a banquet hall, convention center, shopping, cafes and restaurants. It’s definitely a modern approach and a unique design. With a look like this people will want to go there just for a visit, to admire the splendid décor that resembles a museum. Hopefully the opera will now have more fans. It’s actually a nice and clever trick.