Breathing Chair by Wu Yu-Ying

Normally chairs look like smaller or bigger squares with four legs. Well, most chairs. But if you are creative enough you can make a chair out of very unconventional materials like foam or sponge or something else. The Taiwanese furniture designer, Yu-Ying Wu, has imagined a special chair that looks like a breathing chair. That means that this special chair looks like a cube and is actually made of thermoplastic polyurethane foam, having some holes in it and looking like it is about to breathe.

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When you sit on this chair your weight interacts with it and changes its shape , making the edges become arm rests. The material is very resistant to transformation, so it is very elastic and returns to its initial shape immediately after the moment when you get up from it. Besides, the material used for the product is totally recycled and recyclable, so you protect the environment, too.

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