Brazilian Modern Architecture by Procter-Rihl Architects

This modern new structure doesn’t seem to be part of the surrounding landscape. That’s because it wasn’t supposed to be. It was conceived as a SLICE built on an urban residue leftover after the opening of a new road on the west side of the site, hence the name of the house. Thanks to the ingenuity of the architects working at this project, the house is now a very cozy home. The team working at this building is composed of Procter-Rihl Architects who had to work in collaboration with Anderson, James Backwell, Johannes Lobbert, Michael Baigent MBOK, Antonio Pasquali, Vitor Pasin, Flavio Mainardi and Arq. Mauro Medeiros.

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It wasn’t an easy task, but they managed to come up with this amazing new house. It’s located in Porto Alegre, Brazil and it occupies 210 sq m. As expected, the house features a lot of Brazilian elements. What’s interesting is that there’s also a very strong British influence. The complex prismatic geometry of the structure creates a series of spatial illusions. This way the house seems bigger, compared to the narrow plot.

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Inside, there’s a continuous space that includes the social areas of the house and the courtyard. There’s a 7m continuous furniture component used as dining table, kitchen counter, and garden table. The front entrance, glass courtyard and bedroom walls are angled at 20 deg, fooling the eye in thinking the space is wider.

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The materials used are a combination of timber, concrete, steel and glass, reflecting both the Brazilian and British influence.{found on archdaily and pics by Sue Barr.}