Brazilian Retreat With Two Gardens And A Generous Rooftop Terrace

Having a garden on your property is definitely beautiful. Having two is even better. It’s the case of a beautiful residence named Casa Lara which is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The house was built in 2015 and occupies a total of 350 square meters on a 10 square meter site.

Casa Lara in garden context
Casa Lara with entrance walkway

Casa Lara was designed by studio Felipe Hess, a team of young architects that specialize in creative projects done in collaboration with world-renowned designers and architects. The studio was founded in 2012 and for this team every project has to have its own identity and to be unique.

Casa Lara front garden design
Casa Lara living room open to swimming pool

In the case of this residence, the uniqueness comes from the fact that there are two gardens, one at the front and one at the back of the house. In addition to these, the residence also offers a spacious rooftop terrace perfect for hosting parties and friendly gatherings.

Casa Lara ground floor volumes
Casa Lara living space connection to gardens

The entrance is reached via a walkway through the front garden which leads directly into the social area. The living and dining areas share the same space and also open to the rear garden as well, which could also be called a courtyard given its landscape and structure.

Casa Lara ground floor metallic box and open wooden shutter windows
Casa Lara ground floor dining area

The house was built on three levels including the terrace. The ground floor is organized in two volumes. An open floor plan containing the kitchen, dining space and living area stays connected to both gardens through huge sliding doors and windows.

Casa Lara social area distribution

A stone box-like structure houses the laundry room, storage area and kitchen. A smaller metallic box serves as a storage area for the garden and pool equipment. The kitchen becomes a part of the open floor plan and can be closed off when desired.

Casa Lara living room views of garden
Casa Lara seating area

The upper level is organized into three suites. They all have large windows, built-in furniture with plenty of storage space inside and modern and chic decors. They offer views of the gardens.

Casa Lara bedroom decor
Casa Lara bathroom bright decor with wood and marble
Casa Lara bathroom connection to garden

The rooftop terrace is where social activities take place and this includes parties and friendly gatherings. Up here there’s a covered space with long curtains able to provide shade and protection from the elements.

Casa Lara roof terrace covered area
Casa Lara roof terrace curtains

Inside there’s a kitchen and a table with two benches. The table has a tiled top and everything else is adapted to suit the outdoor location. From up here the views are amazing. The ambiance is relaxed and casual, the terrace resembling a refreshing oasis in an urban jungle.

Casa Lara roof terrace table
Casa Lara roof kitchen
Casa Lara Rooftop Terrace