10 Stylish Bowl Sink Designs For The Bathroom

There’s something special about bowl sinks, something that makes them attractive is a very distinct way. Perhaps it’s the fact that they usually feature delicate forms or maybe it’s because of their versatility. One thing is certain. A bowl washbasin will always stand out, no matter how simple its design is.


The washbasin designed by Slow Wood looks incredibly natural with its raw edge, beautiful color and artistic flair. It’s made from hand turned larch wood and each piece is unique and able to look incredible in both modern and traditional settings.


But wooden washbasins are rare and the usual ones are white and simple like this one. It was designed by Jessie Verdonschot and Seb Ackerstaff and it has a round shape. But the most interesting feature is the fact that it has an internal siphon.


Urna is a countertop washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo. It’s a round top mount washbasin with an incredibly simple and attractive design. The shape and size also give it a functional appeal.


Catino is the type of modern washbasin that looks classical and that’s because of its simple and versatile design. It has a round structure with a flat bottom. This sink was designed by Nevio Tellatin for Antonio Lupi.


This is Ago, a sink designed by Mario Ferrarini which is both stylish and functional. Its shape and size combined with soft lines and delicate curves forms a very attractive and versatile design.


Elegant and simple, the Mizu washbasin by Emo Design reinvents the traditional architecture of this basic bathroom accessory. The central cut that splits the upper portion of the washbasin into two halves allows the water to drain into the bowl where the drain hole in located.


The odd angle makes it seem like this washbasin is not installed right but this is actually the whole point of its design. This is Inbilico, a ceramic washbasin designed by Andrea Leoni which tests your sense of balance.


The interesting thing about the Cellule washbasin is the fact that you can accessorize it in all sorts of way, adding colored trays and towel holders. This allows all sorts of interesting configurations to be created based on the design and space available. The washbasin was designed by Daniele Lago.


The I Bordi washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo for Teuco is particularly stylish because of the choice of material (onyx). This allows it to have a simple design and to stand out nevertheless.

Reestanding washbasin octagon villeroy

Although the design of the Octagon washbasin is different and can be included in a totally different category, there are still similarities between them. Designed by Kai Steffan, this is a freestanding washbasin with a sleek and minimalist design which makes it a perfect fit for contemporary bathrooms.