Bouquet Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

There are lots of unusual chairs that designers have created so far. A few examples we could mention right now would be the Egg chair or the Octopus chair which have reinvented the whole concept behind this so basic piece of furniture. Lots of designers choose to find their inspiration in nature. In the case of this particular piece, the inspiration came from the beauty of flowers.

Bouquet chair e28094 by tokujin yoshioka 1
This is the Bouquet chair. Its name is more than explicit. Strictly speaking, the chair has a very simple design. It has a solid but sleek stainless steel base with a round foot and the seat is oval. The detail that makes it stand out from all the other chairs sharing the same design is the multitude of petals and flowers covering its surface. The flowers look quite real and they are delicate and beautiful just like the real ones. The Bouquet chair is one of those pieces that would instantly cheer up the décor of any room.

Bouquet chair e28094 by tokujin yoshioka

Place it in your home office to give the room some style, use it in the bedroom where its delicate design would fit perfectly or use as an accent piece for the living room or any other space. The chair is available in several variants and they only differ in color. It’s the perfect elegant piece to relax in after a busy day. Even though it has a rather feminine touch, the chair is actually very versatile. It can make a simple, dull-looking room stand out with its beauty.