Botanical Prints Sprinkled Around the House

If you’re looking for a unique way to spruce up the house, why not keep the furniture and light fixtures the same and go for the small details. From pieces of art on the walls to throw pillow, you’d be surprised what you can do with the right colors, prints and patterns. And today, we’re shining a light on the beautiful and elegance of botanical prints. Meshing floral with vintage and interest with hipster appeal, these beauties can fit into any nook or cranny of the house with a little creativity. Let’s take a look!

1. Botanical Prints With Size.

Wall decor botanical printsView in gallery

These floral prints don’t need to be small to be used, instead you may set your eyes on larger ones with lots of personality. This little nook is jazzed up with a soft, eclectic style without too much work.{found on hometalk}.

2. Botanical Prints Wall Collage.

Botanical collageView in gallery

Take a peek at this unique way to dress up the living room. It’s casual enough to still feel homey but it also dresses up the space enough to look put-together with an interesting charm.

3. Botanical Printed Trio.

Botanical framed wall printsView in gallery

Small dining table botanical printsView in gallery

The different sizes, lush detail and mix of traditional style with this adorable, eclectic breakfast nook makes for such a unique and personal space. That’s what we love and we mean when we talk about creativity – think outside-the-box!{found on quirkycoolliving}.

4. Botanical Furniture Prints.

Furniture PrintsView in gallery

Botanical prints don’t have to be physical prints, instead they can be on fabric and furniture too. Take a look at this funky and eclectic living room, with its feminine style and mixture of patterns – we’re loving all the artsy interest!

5. Botanical Modern Bedroom Prints.

Modern platform bed botanical printsView in gallery

These floral pieces can fit into modern styles too. Without the prints on the wall, this bedroom would just be another contemporary, clean space. But, with their addition, it becomes a bit softer and more personal.

6. Botanical Print Hiding Spot.

Contemporary bedroom botanical hangingView in gallery

This mudroom has an even brighter spot with its large, botanical print sprucing up one of the more dull spaces in the house. It’s exciting, it’s bright and brings a certain amount of charm to a room that usually lacks any great appeal.

7. Botanical Bathroom Prints.

Botanical bathroom printsView in gallery

Even the bathroom can have a more elegant appeal when some beautiful botanical additions can be added. It’s earthy, it’s raw and these prints in particular are quite beautiful and feminine with a luxury vibe.

8. Botanical Loop Lighting Prints.

Loop lighting printsView in gallery

Even those looping, imaginative botanical prints can adorn your light fixtures. This kitchen has even more whimsy with the addition of those beautiful, botanically-inspired lamp shades.

9. Botanical Vintage Prints.

Symmetrical botanical artView in gallery

If you’ve got or have found some vintage botanical prints, use them! They could make a wonderful, dainty collage in any room of the house. But we especially love them in this dining room, covering this vertical wall.

10. Botanical Bedspread Prints.

Botanical Bedspread PrintsView in gallery

Splatter some botanicals right onto your bedspread for a cozy, comfortable and womanly-touched style. It’s light, it’s bright and can be easily mixed and matched within a variety of style genres and scenes.