Botanical Ceramics from Sur la Table

Even if we do not yet realize, it’s spring and nature comes to life again and we are happy we can see lots of flowers again. I don’t know why – maybe because of their vivid colours, flowers always make me feel fine and they give me positive energy. That is why I like having flowers around, even if only on bedding or the patterns on the dishes or on the tablecloth. However, if the floral pattern makes me smile, it’s “mission accomplished”. So I found these amazingly “merry” Botanical ceramics from Sur la table and I though I should share with you.

Botanical ceramics 04View in gallery

They are called Botanical for the same reason I mentioned above – they have floral patterns on. All those dishes and bowls and mugs and plates are covered with colourful flowers of all shapes and colours. It’s like they are in bloom on the table just to make us feel it’s spring again.

They are all safe to clean in the washing machine and now they come for a very good price, as there is a big discount to their original price. For example you can purchase Blue salad plate, a cereal bowl, a blue mug  for just $6.89 each, the teapot for $17.39 and the serving bowl for $13.89. All for sale on Sur la table.