Bosso Planter from Chiasso

People have always loved flowers and wanted to have them around, as they realized they flowers were beautiful and wanted to admire them. That is why they first invented the flower garden when they first settled. But , in time, their homes developed and had different looks and designs and modern homes are a lot different from the traditional homes made of wood for example. Modern homes have a minimalist style and also use modern materials like plastic for example. No wonder they invented plastic planters, too, that allow them to grow plants in their apartments but also do not allow them to spill water all over the place. And this seems to work just fine for everybody. Bosso Planter from Chiasso is the perfect example of this evolution.

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This planter is a contemporary container for your plants and flowers and you can use it both indoors and outdoors, on the porch or on the balcony, in your living room or even in the garden. It is made of iron, with a thick, long-lasting ceramic-look finish. You have the opportunity to choose the colour from many available and then you can order it online for $28. The long thin legs made of black metal allow you to move the planter wherever you feel convenient depending on weather or maybe on the space available for growing flowers.