Bosch & Fjord designed LEGO Department in Billund

Bosch & Fjord comes with an modern and colorful design for LEGO Group’s Development Department in Billund. As a multinational workplace, cooperation and knowledge sharing is essential for the employees and thus the interior design of their department. The design is professional and confident, but also creative and proudly states that it does not take itself too seriously. All the furniture are modern and with clean white surfaces which made an nicely contrast playful patterns, forms and colors.

Discussions and debates 582x433

Since we’re talking about the Lego department I would have expected to see some lego-like structures. But I guess those people has enough of those and they just want some simple and quiet pieces. Still, the design is very modern and original. I really like the colors and the contrasts. It must be nice to work in there. But it’s also nice to be able to write about this.

Colorful conference room 582x435View in gallery

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Anyway, the new design is very beautiful, dynamic and fun. It has a sophisticated simplicity that makes it stand out. I’m curious how the rest of the departments look like. Even if there are no lego-inspired features in there, there still is something reminding about that, in a very subtle way. The decorations are great. Every room is different and special. I particularly like the paintings on the walls, especially the clouds. They look very realistic.