Why You Should Switch To A Dishwasher And How To Choose One

Should get a dishwasher or should you just wash your dishes by hand like you’re used to? This is a question that we often find ourselves thinking about and which becomes more pressing when you’re in the middle of a remodel. It’s because each option has strong pros and cons that we find it difficult to make a choice.

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Because when you’re washing the dishes by hand you control the water, this may give you the impression that you save water and energy this way. However, that’s not always the case. Unless you’re really efficient when washing the dishes, this can actually prove to be a wasteful method and a dishwasher to be a better option.

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Although it seems like the dishwasher uses a lot of water to clean the dishes, not all models prove that to be right. Energy star dishwasher and most new models are very efficient and can actually help you save water and to reduce the cost of you utility bill.

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That, of course, depends on a few factors. Dishwashers can also be inefficient if, for example, you only put in a few dishes or choose the wrong wash cycle. So here are a few tips which can help improve the efficiency of your dishwasher: make sure you load the dishes properly and wait until you can do a full load because the dishwasher uses the same amount the water anyway; don’t overload it and use the rack the way you’re supposed to, leaving room for vibration during the wash cycle.

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When choosing a dishwasher, you’re faced with lots of options. First of all, consider the size. A compact model may seem like a good choice because it’s cheaper and smaller but most often that proves to be incorrect. Compact dishwashers are only good for single people or couples. Other disadvantages include the fact that you can only fit in a few dishes at a time and not the large ones such as your pots and pans.

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Apart from size, there’s another distinction to take into consideration. Dishwashers can either be installed or portable. A portable model can be practical if, for example, you move a lot or installing is impossible.

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Maintenance is minimal in the case of dishwashers. However, it shouldn’t be neglected. Just because the interior is always filled with water and detergent doesn’t also mean it’s clean. Bits of food and bacteria and even mold can be found inside so give it a regular cleaning.