Bookshelves inspired from nature

Truly innovative designs available in bookshelves are plenty with the scope for further designs yet to come. AL 28.98 have brought a truly innovative bookshelves which is really mind blowing as this bookshelf give your home a real sophisticated touch. This design is greatly inspired from nature itself and it has other function like using them as room dividers along with its normal function as bookshelves.

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So if you like nature and you regret not having the possibilities to include it in your home, at least you can imitate some of the shapes with the help of other materials. For example, this is a storage system for books and its shape resembles a tree. There are shelves placed on one side and on the other to create the illusion of branches.

Bookshelves inspired from nature1

It’s not a very artistic representation of a tree, but it’s a functional furniture piece. It keeps your books safe and organized and it makes your home look modern and interesting. For a more realistic and artistic look you could try o paint the wall behind the bookshelves, if you placed it near a wall. This way to get to have a fun art project and to better integrate this piece. And if you feel like one of them is not enough for all your books, you can have two or even more and create your own artificial forest. The pieces are made entirely of wood and they have a natural color.