Book Bed for Kids by Yusuke Suzuki

I don’t know if all kids love books, but I hope they are. I remember myself as a child always reading books and I am looking now at my three year old sun who can’t read but “reads” the pictures in the books and is able to tell me the whole story this way. It is the most effective way of stimulating kids’ imagination to develop and to make them start loving art and beautiful things. So, if nowadays actual books tend to disappear and their place is taken by e-books, the Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki imagines a Book Bed just for the kids.

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Yukuke Suzuki Childs Play SnOOpView in gallery

She imagined a huge bed for kids that can be also used a playground. All these by using thing rugs or mattresses like the Japanese with soft and white bed sheets linked together just like the book pages. And when I see these funny and creative design I only wish I were one of those kids and I also wish this weren’t just a great idea. So let’s hope someone will dare produce it and sell it for us to buy.