Bontempi glass shelves design

Bontempi has great features like its creativity, taste and the contemporary material used in them. Shape, space, and functions are perfectly blended with cutting edge technology in this method to give its design a touch that recalls elegant architectonic construction and which gives life to sophisticated expressions. The product featured by this design is a set of 3 shelves in curved glass which available in 3 variants of glass like blue, sandblasted and transparent.

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Glass is always a classy option when it comes to furniture because it’s elegant and very versatile. It can be used for all sorts of things. For example to create a nice storage unit like this one. It is entirely made of glass, but don’t worry because it’s very durable and solid and it can support all the weight of the things you might want to store in there. You can even place a TV on top of it, just not a very large and heavy one.


It’s transparent so it shouldn’t be hard to match it with the rest of your furniture because it has no color. That might be a problem, because some people don’t usually see the drawers and storage places like something they should keep clean and organized and they just like to use to hide things and make the room look clean white the drawers and cabinets are messy. So this is no longer possible with this transparent piece. But the shelves are also available in the colored version to add some contrast and color to your home.