Bollard Napkin Dispenser

I have quite a large family and usually our family reunions are pretty loud and noisy and happy because of that. And every time one of us celebrates their birthday everyone MUST come and congratulate the celebrated one. Well, that makes for about twenty people at least and this means a long and crowded dinner table. Of course, in such cases it is impossible to be the perfect host and serve all the guests and it is easier to just let them help themselves with whatever they might need. And, even if this may sound unimportant, they are always chasing for napkins, especially when there are small children involved. This Bollard Napkin Dispenser seems to be the perfect solution for me and my family and I admit I like it a lot.

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This device is simple in design and very practical. It has nice curves and is shaped like a bollard. The dispenser is made of wood and it has a nice and shiny stainless steel handle that allows you to move it from one place to another, wherever it is needed. It looks very natural no matter where you use it and it is steady enough not to get turned over by simply touching it by mistake. You can purchase this item now for $71 from Curran Online.