Bohemian bed by Cinova Busnelli

I associate the word Bohemian with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and also with the Bohemian crystal. When I first saw this Bohemian bed that was presented by Cinova Busnelli on his company’s web site I thought of purity and crystal clear purity. I imagined an immaculate room that was prepared for a princess or for an angel. This bed looks nothing like the modern beds that are on the market nowadays and it looks from another world.

And it really is from another world, as the design was inspired from the old eighteenth and nineteenth century era , but adjusted a bit to match the modern era. That is the designer Cinova Busnelli took the old concept and added modern details, making it fit for a modern bedroom and also comfortable and nice-looking.

As you can see, there are more different versions of this bed, two of them being presented here, in these two photos. The overall design of the bed is not changed , but only the color of the mattress changes.

It’s a king size bed, with a nice tufted headboard that is totally hand made and has a folded cover all around the bed. You can just match the color of the mattress with the color of the curtains and the carpet and you have got yourself a nice-looking bedroom without much effort.