Bohemian Apartment in New York

It is not our fault that all the apartments in the building built so far look the same and have the same boxy look with small rooms and narrow hallways and bathrooms.That’s the compromise we have to make if we want to fit all in the same urban center. This being said it is our duty to make each apartment unique by its content if it can’t be possible in other way. To give you a small taste of what I am talking about and what making it yours means nowadays take a loot at the pictures below.

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This project is called the “Bohemian Apartment” and it is located in one of the crowded cities in the world: New York and was designed by Incorporated Architecture & Design. The new ideas are transposed in the existing space based upon a very unusual concept for interior design: picture in picture. As you can see instead of using the apartment’s structure as the “frame” for everything that goes in, the apartment is used as a shell and inside there are new structures that have that nice picture in picture effect.

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This layout creates the impression of more space despite the fact that the structures themselves occupy some vital square feet. Everything now is brightly colored and there are multiple decorative themes not just one that dominated the entire house. I don’t know what to say about these new interior ideas because it is still to early to see if they will stick or not. The one sure thing I can say is that people are constantly looking for something, new and fresh.