Boeing Shower Caddy

When you have a shower – and you do that every day now, in summer – you need a lot of things like the shower gel, soap, razor, bath sponge and so on. There are many small items that you only need when having a shower. But you must store them somewhere when you do not need them and also to have them handy when you do. In the big bathroom this is not a problem because you can always find some space on a cabinet shelf . But the small bathrooms are a real challenge wen it comes to organizing and storing things. This Boeing Shower Caddy might be the perfect thing you were looking for.


It is made of bamboo and this makes it lightweight, an elegant solution for a crowded place. The caddy has three wooden shelves that are able to store all the bath accessories that are necessary. The funny design of the upper part – the hook that simply gets hanging from the shower head, is also very practical. The nice shelves are surrounded by metal edges that keep all the items safe and prevent them from falling. Any way, the item can be moved easily and brought only when you have to and you can buy it now for $50 from Apt 2B.