Bocci Pendant Lighting

Bocci Pendant Lighting was designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci, a contemporary design and manufacturing house based in Vancouver, Canada.Used in your room or dining area, the feel is undeniably romantic, evoking a feeling of relaxation and intimacy.The light interacts with the imperfections, rifts, bruises and bubbles of the cast glass to make a visually rich halo of light.

Bocci pendant lighting8 150x150

I saw something like this in a prestigious club from Romania . Cast glass is an organic process, hand crafted and imperfected by nature, so each piece produced is unique.

The pendant light designed by Omer Arbel Bocci factured by is very beautiful and literally sparkling. It is recommended to be bought for high ceilings and large rooms as it eats a lot of your space. But if you provide the necessary space for it to be installed the result will be spectacular. This chandelier is not an usual one, with all the light bulbs being held by the chandelier arms, but they are rather dispersed on the ceiling.

In fact the only arms you can see are the twisted metal sticks that are woven into an unusual pattern and being fixed on the ceiling. They have some long but irregularly cut threads that keep the lights hanging. Each glass sphere that hangs is casting light and the whole pendant light looks like a constellation of stars on the night sky.