Bocca Sofa

Women have always fascinated men and they even say Freud died with the regret that he did not understand women completely. Any way, these gentle creatures, women, have been sources of inspiration, muses, for all artists who created wonderful works of art only by thinking of them. This gorgeous Bocca Sofa is one of these works. It is breathtaking and loud, conspicuous and modern, all in one. It is incredible as design, as it looks just like the lips of a hot woman, as the name suggests, since “bocca” is Italian for mouth. This sofa was created by Salvador Dali who took Mae West’s mouth as model. The blonde actress fascinated the artist and the result was this and a dozen other works of art with different stylized body parts.

Lips sofaView in gallery

Lips sofa1View in gallery

Well, apaprently the version of the sofa that we can admire here in the pictures is not the original designed in 1930, but another version made in 1972 by Studio 65 for Gufram Italy as an homage paid to Dali, taking the lips of Marylin Monroe as model. But it does not matter whose lips are these, as long as this sofa in an incredibly charming home accessory. Actually it is a lot more appropriate in hotel lounges or maybe modern museums or other similar places. Here is one of the latest models, Heller Studio 65 Bocca Sofa that you can buy for $1,100.