Bluff Farm House by Australian Richard Cole Architecture

If you are on the look out for contemporary farm house ideas here is one finished by the Australian firm Richard Cole Architecture. To be precise, it is called the Bluff Farm House and it is located in Hunter Valley of New South Wales. This is the kind of the house which sets a modern tone in a rural setting although this particular house does not ignore the strong pastoral appeal of the site. What more can you ask for when you have a grassy, hilly terrain overlooking a meandering river, all set in a valley. The farm house in particular gets a glass-enclosed exterior that features a contemporary, overhanging roof, which provides some shade from the hot afternoon sun.

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I guess the natural features of the designer’s country home – Australia also reflects on his works and the main feature of this house is that it is an open space covered by a roof. There is no strict delimitation of rooms and the bedroom is also following this rule. You can see a hupace sunding the bed and also the kitchen is without near walls and you can have dinner in the special corner designed for it and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery from the large windows of the house.

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