Spruce Up Your Home With color – Blue Tiles For The Kitchen And Bathroom

The many shades of blue each hide a different meaning but they also all share in common one thing: a peaceful and relaxing vibe. This is what makes the color blue a very common and popular choice in interior design, particularly in areas such as the bathroom. Blue tiles can instantly add a heavenly vibe to the space. The same thing goes for the kitchen.

Blue tiles for the kitchen and bathroom! Where do your prefer them ?

How to use blue in the bathroom.

Because blue is the natural color of the sky and hence of the water too, it has become the most common shade for the bathroom. Of course, this doesn’t make it a boring choice. So if yo decide to incorporate blue tiles in your bathroom’s décor, there’s more than one way to do that.

If you prefer a more dramatic look, try a deeper shade of blue
Try turquoise for example. It’s a vibrant and beautiful shade
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Combine light blue with white for a peaceful and serene ambiance
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You can also choose to combine several shades of blue for an eye-catching look
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Use two or more shades of blue and come up with a pattern to connect them
Light shades make the space feel larger and brighter
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Blue can also be an accent color used to create focal points
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Use blue in combination with a warm, earthy color for a balanced décor
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Not all the bathroom needs to be wrapped in tiles. Use them in specific areas

How to use blue in the kitchen.

Bring the tranquil vibe that blue creates into the kitchen too and give it a sunny and relaxing look. Create an inviting ambiance and allow the kitchen to be the cozy social space in has become in past few years. Depending on the shade of blue you decide to use, the atmosphere and the décor can change.

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Darker shades of blue will create a more formal look but you can tone it down with white
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Use blue tiles for the backsplash and adorn it with open shelves
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The white and blue combo is one of the most beautiful and classical
Try a light shade of blue if you want the kitchen to be bright and sunny
For a more dynamic approach, consider combining different shades
Pattern is your best friend if you’re going for a vibrant, unique look
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Combine diverse patterns in similar colors for a bold yet simple look
Blue and gray is a wonderful combination for the kitchen

So now that you know how blue tiles can influence the overall decor of a room, where would you say they look best? Is it the bathroom because of the connection with water and nature or is it the kitchen because of the beautiful contrasts and the fresh look you can create?