Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart

Some offices are bigger and some are smaller. The item I am presenting now is perfect for those big offices where a person is supposed to deliver mail, messages, envelopes, stamps and many other small items to different people, on different floors, without ever mistaking them and delivering the wrong ones. That is why that person must have a very good system of sorting and storing and also transporting them all from one place to another. That would be the Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart. It is actually a big ans strong cart with a chrome frame that supports twelve vividly coloured plastic drawers.

L12263318The six colours of the drawers not only make the cart merrier, but they can help you find a colour code for every item you need to store there. It is also very useful that each drawer is in pair and this way it is handy and offers enough storage space for the items you carry around the office. The locking swivel casters  keep everything inside and safe and the wheels make it very easy to move from one place to another. This functional and  cute office item is sold for 61.17 euro.