Blue Facade House in Portugal by Sebastião Moreira

Located in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal, the Mp House is a beautiful residence designed by architect Sebastião Moreira in collaboration with Patrícia Moutinho. The house was completed in 2008. It’s a rather small house with a compact box-like look that is continued throughout and becomes a theme also adopted in the interior. In terms of interior design, the house features a simple, neutral, white décor.

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The walls and the ceiling are painted white throughout the house. It’s a symbol of purity and simplicity and it’s also a very simple and clever way of making a space seem bigger and creating a more airy and fresh atmosphere. In order to create some contrast, the floors are made of wood and feature a natural finish that complements the whiteness of the walls and also brings some warmth inside.

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The house is divided into several separate volumes with different levels of privacy contained in overlapped casings. Because the house has a traditional look with a pointy roof, the ceilings are low and irregular. In order to also bring natural light inside, the house has been provided with large windows. The interior is very simple and it could still use some more work. Outside there’s a large swimming pool surrounded by vegetation and two trees that seem to guard the place.{found on archdaily}