Blue and White Living Room

Living room is one of the vital parts of a house that is known to create the first and last impression on the visiting guests. If you want this room to be the envious of your friends then how about selecting a blue and white color scheme for the living room? Blue and white combination is a nice color scheme. Choosing this scheme to decorate the living room will allow introducing relaxing and soothing effects in the room. The shade of white and blue have the perfect balance and your living room will come to be a surreal design.

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1) Start of the process of creating a soothing blue and white living room by introducing candy blue colored furniture pieces and accents. Buy a rich blue color cloth or leather loveseat and couch set as the starting point. If you wish to add a calming and whimsical touch to the room, then buy the set in robin blue color. Alternatively, you may also buy a set containing both the colors.

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2) Add a striking contrast to the blue furniture pieces by staining dark wood furniture pieces such as the bookshelf or the coffee table in optical white color. The splash of white will bring in a modern and contemporary look to the space. Complement this look by placing white delicate rugs in white color on the floors.

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3) Enhance the loveseat and couch set by throwing in decorative blankets and pillows in pristine white color. You may also choose the blanket and pillow set in white and blue geometric patterns to impart a classic look. White and blue floral designs may be selected to add an artistic touch to the room.

4) For the window coverings, employ curtains crafted out of blue chiffon material to lighten the look. On the other hand, if the walls are painted in blue, then select printed curtains following the white and blue color scheme. Ensure that the base color is white and the print is in blue.

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5) Lastly, ornate the room with varied items complementing the color scheme. Hang a large mirror. Place a white flower vase filled with blue orchids on the coffee table. Another vital addition to be added to the room is an incredible white chandelier hanged from the ceiling to supervise and complete the serene environment created by the color theme.