Blow Up Wall Clock from Alessi

Let’s make an exercise of imagination: try to imagine that you place a dynamite under a pile of sticks and after that everything blows up. Well, now try to picture the result. This is what you get when you look at all the items in the Blow up collection from Alessi. The collection includes an umbrella stand, a wall mirror, a magazine holder and a wall clock, but today I am only interested in the wall clock. It has a very interesting design, just like everything coming from Alessi. The Blow Up Wall Clock from Alessi is modern and cool, something unique that will definitely be remembered by all your guests.


The designer is Campana Fratelli and he showed us an incredible imagination through his work. The clock looks almost as if someone took all the components and threw them in the air and after that glued them together in the exact position after falling. However, the metal sticks are arranged in an almost artistic way, meaning they look amazingly well in the apparent chaos and the clock arms are coloured in red so as to be spotted immediately.

The clock is made of chrome-plated steel and will make any wall a lot more interesting in design by its presence only. The clock is now available for just $214.40 directly from Alessi online shop.