Blooming Lotus Furniture

Nowadays all apartments are small and space is a big problem. Here is a piece of furniture that is totally different from the styles we’ve been used to. Blooming Lotus Furniture by Vladimir Usoltsev is an innovative dining table and it was inspired by nature. Attractive and useful, the furniture is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.The most interesting aspect of the furniture is the brightness of the light, which relies on the number of the chairs pulled out from the table. This furniture set is the perfect solution for small places, as you can easily place the chairs under the table when you are no longer using them. Just store the whole set somewhere until next time you need it and then you simply pull the chairs out and problem solved. The name of this furniture comes from the aspect of the set that looks just like a lotus flower and when you take out the chairs the lotus flower represented by the table seems to grow petals and to bloom. It’s poetry expressed in furniture design.

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