Bloom Lamp: A Lamp That Blossoms into a Flower for Lighting

I am not too much of a lamp freak but this Bloom Lamp design from designer Patrick Jouin has got me interested. The reason which makes this lamp special is the ‘fact’ that it draws inspiration from- the blossoming of a flower from the bud stage. The designer has been able to replicate the phenomenon perfectly and hence the Blossom christening suites it perfectly too.

Bloom Lamp Closed Like A Bud

As soon as you turn on the Bloom Lamp, it opens its petals to emit light and the moment the power is cut, the petals get folded again. Beautiful, isn’t it?

It’s a very interesting concept. This is another example of how you can include nature-inspired items in your home. A lot of people love nature and don’t get to spend much time admiring it. So they are constantly trying to incorporate nature-inspired elements in their home décor. They usually choose plants because they the easiest to replicate.

Bloom Lamp Closed Like A Bud

This lamp is very beautiful. And the most interesting features is the fact that it has a flower-like shape and the petals open when the light is turned on allowing you to admire its entire beauty. And when you turn off the light, the petals fold again and the lamp goes to sleep. It’s a very interesting idea and the result is successful. Also, the black and white combination is always a good choice.