Bloom from Kenneth Cobonpue

The Bloom from Kenneth Cobonpue it really looks like a flower and I`m sure that designer was inspired from flowers to create this comfortable chair. It is made from microfiber stitched over top resin with a steel base. This is a wonderfully designed club chair and its flower like cover is hand made. It is meant to be charming and beautiful and also solid, that is why it has a steel base. This way it can both support different body weights and also look pretty nice, too.

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It comes in different colours so as to match the interior of the club or loving room where it will be located: Moss green, lime green, yellow, black or muted red. It has a certain inclining angle in order to provide comfort, but since it does not have a proper back rest, it is mainly used to sit on and socialize, so it allows more freedom of movement for the person sitting on it. Delicate design and great materials – the recipe for success.