Blockshelf by Amy Hunting

Sometimes I look at the simple things around me and I wonder how come nobody else before could have thought about it. And only after you see it you realize how much inspiration it takes to see and make the simple things all the others couldn’t. Let’s take this original and amazingly simple Blockshelf. It is so easy that you can do that yourself at home and it looks very well. You can save a lot of time and money and go “green”, too, as all you need are a couple of boards and some uneven blocks of wood, plus some rope.

Amy Hunting is the designer of this Blockshelf and she proved very imaginative by designing some other things out of wood, too. She taught us the art of doing useful simple things yourself. You just need to drill some holes into the boards (you are the only one to decide how many you want, depending on how many shelves you need for storing your books or other things, too), then drill the blocks of wood, too, put them on a rope and they will be the margins of the Blockshelf. After that just make a big sailor’ s knot at the end of the rope and nail it to the wall. if you add some red paint at the end it will look even cooler. You can remove this shelf easily and also change it according to your needs, for example making the space between the shelves wider or more narrow . Have fun and enjoy your work!