Bleu Nature Kisimi Furniture Collection Draws Inspiration from Nature

Nature inspired furnishings and furniture collections always have a special place here on Homedit and today we bring to you the Kisimi collection.  This nature inspired furniture collection has been finished for French outfit Bleu Nature by designers Frank Lefebvre and Bastien Taillard. The choice of materials has been utterly unique and the overall package includes a couple of tables and a pair of lamps.

Kismi lamps and table by bleu nature

Talking about the lamps first, these are made of acrylic glass and natural pebbles and they are reminiscent of the frozen underwater landscapes. The tables also have the same look and they feature weathered planks and natural grey natural quartzite under the acrylic glass.

A lot of people love nature and don’t get to spend much time admiring it. So they are constantly trying to incorporate nature-inspired elements in their home décor. There are a lot of pieces like this, for example tree-shaped bookcases, or flower-shaped chairs and all sorts of ideas. The easies thing to imitate is the tree and its branches and it’s a spectacular image. But you don’t necessarily have to replicate the forms. You can just adopt a more modern and simple style. Like in this case, the lamp is actually made from glass and real pebbles. I really like the lamp, it has a very beautiful and interesting design. The table is quite attractive too.