Black & white OLED digital clock

It’s black, it’s white, it`s an ingenious light-sensitive OLED clock that automatically shifts colors so that it is readable by day or night.Designed by Vadim Kibardin,the Black & White clock is a perfect gadget, forget the boring digital wall clocks. Depending on whether it is light or dark out, the clock will shift colors so it can be viewed at any time of day.

Digital clock light clock black white

The time is displayed in translucent white and each part of the clock is independent and also has an independent lighting system. Each of the figures you are supposed to apply on the wall can be fixed by itself and you can do that on any kind of surface. Their energy supply is a lithium-ion accumulator for each and also the material the clock is made of is polycarbonate, with the mention that OLED comes from organic LED (light emitting diode).

Every part of the clock is touch sensitive, so this is the way you can control it and change the settings. A light sensor tells the time of the day and depending on this the clock displays the time in white at night and in block during the day. Quite a gadget, right?