Black Vipp kitchen modules

Furniture is very important when you want to decorate your kitchen, because you want to look great, but also to be useful for your needs. Some prefer big, heavy furniture, which takes up space. You don’t have to do that. If you are a fan of the minimalist style, you can take a look at these Vipp kitchen modules, from Flagship Store in Copenhagen, developed in collaboration with Marc Newson for SMEG, which are very useful, but also very modern and sophisticate pieces of furniture.

Vipp kitchen modules

The frame of the main module is made from powder-coated aluminum, the fronts  and handles of the cabinets are made from powder-coated stainless steel, and the table top is made from a massive 5 mm thick piece of stainless steel, featuring a welded, fully integrated sink and four integrated gas burners with steel knobs. Since the whole module is made from metal, when you are cooking you don’t have to worry that you can burn or melt something around you.

In the back, we can see other modules made from similar materials, which add some extra storage for your dishes and food ingredients. Having such simple lines and being so accessible, imagine how easy and fast it would be to clean up after cooking all day long. This kind of modules gives your kitchen an industrial look because of its rough materials, but if your conception about this room is  “cooking  only” it can be very useful as well. I’m telling you, the Vipp kitchen modules are perfect for you. Give them a try!