Black Modern Ice Bucket

It’s summer and it’s hot. And when you come back from work or you have guests at the weekend, you would like to sip a glass of cold wine or another cold beverage. This is when you need a nice and good looking ice bucket. Not to mention the special occasions when you want to have a glass of champagne because you celebrate something special. In these cases the ice bucket is a must. Well, not literally because you can keep the bottles in the fridge, but it’s nice to have the champagne bottle within reach in the ice bucket. I recommend this beautiful and interesting Black modern Ice Bucket that you can purchase from the Amazon for just $25.46.

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What I like about this ice bucket is its design because it does not look like all the other ice buckets I know. First of all it is not made of metal, but of a modern material called acrylic, which makes it lightweight and resistant at the same time. Then it is black. Which is cool. Finally it has a very interesting shape sort of like a cradle or like a Venetian gondola. Any way, I love it.