Black Hotel Room

When you go to the hotel to spend a night there, you would expect anything in the world but a black room. However, the tastes of the different hotel guests may differ a lot and there may be some artistic souls among them who would really appreciate having accommodation in a black hotel room. Any way, the room is not completely black, as it can have some white details sometimes and this turns it into a sequence taken from a black and white movie.

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In order to make the room less creepy because of the totally black walls, you can add some white or colorful rugs, red candles, white flowers or other decorations. In this case the black furniture will be perfectly combined with the black tiles and the black leather coach or bed. The elegant look of this hotel room will be totally a success if you add some huge black and white paintings on the walls. Just take a look at the black rooms in these hotels and you will love them: Front Hotel in Copenhagen – Denmark, Sheraton Diana Majestic in Milan and many others.

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