Forest Cabin With A Playful Geometry And Layout

A pointy house like this one is quite the unexpected sight in the middle of a forest although the design and selection of colors does help create a certain connection between the building and its surroundings. This cute A-frame house is located in Quebec, Canada and was built here by architect Jean Verville.

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FAHOUSE in Quebec front facadeView in gallery

The architect managed to give it a playful look and design although not in the most traditional sense. The playfulness of the design is given by the elegant contrast between opaque surfaces and the light that shines upon them as well as by the house’s unusual shape.

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The Fanhouse, as it was named, is a holiday cabin built in the midst of the forest for a couple and their two kids. It sits on a site measuring 1900 square feet and is quite the graphical structure. The house is shaped like a double triangular prism and this unusual form brings with it a series of particularities for the interior as well.

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The exterior of the house is clad in dark metal and this helps in blend in more easily with the surroundings. The interior, however, is a lot brighter. The spaces are decorated with neutral and simple colors. An exception is the entryway hall which is a bright pink color.

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A set of wide stairs curves along the slope and leads to the entrance. That’s also where a covered terrace can be found. It’s sheltered underneath the cantilever and is the perfect place for enjoying a quiet outdoor dinner or admiring the surroundings.

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FAHOUSE in Quebec cantilever terraceView in gallery

A large opaque door offers access inside the cabin. There, on the ground floor, the social areas are situated. The open kitchen, living and dining areas occupy the same floor plan. An interesting contrast of styles is established between the overall minimalist and modernist décor and certain furniture pieces such as the dining table with its vintage look and worn finish.

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Large glass walls open the living space to the outdoors, welcoming nature inside and making it a part of the interior décor. The barrier between architecture and landscape is eliminated and the two become connected in a seamless manner.

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A staircase offers access to the upper levels. The first floor is quite interesting because that’s where the structure virtually becomes two separate houses. This level is divided into two volumes, one for the kids and one for the adults.

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The parents’ bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and there are no walls between these two functions. This way the space stays open and looks larger and brighter. It’s also a way to create a casual and more intimate ambiance in the room.

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The kids’ room has a large bunk bed for those occasions when friends come to visit them. The bunk bed is also great because it saves floor space and leaves more room for other furniture pieces and for play. This level doesn’t have full-height windows but nevertheless it looks bright.

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The house also has an attic. That’s where the kids’ playroom and a guest area are situated. The beams here are painted white to make the space look bigger and brighter and to eliminate the crowded feel often associated with attics and pointy roofs.

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The décor and furnishings are kept light and simple throughout this beautiful A-frame house. This allows the focus to be on the views and the nature that becomes a part of the interior.

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The overall very clean and simple interior design is also the mark of a modern style usually defined by minimalism. Of course, the limited floor space also dictated this type of design. So, as you can see, behind that dark metal shell lies a very bright and fresh holiday home full of cheer and joy.

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