Black Fluffy Carpet from Modani

People first used animal skins as rugs in order to keep the cave floor warm and their feet protected. And it felt great. Animal skins were soft and warm, nice to touch, too. I guess after such a long time we still keep a bit of that primary feeling within us because everybody likes a soft fluffy rug even if it is now placed on the floor of a luxury house or flat. However, these rugs are now made of different materials like nylon in order to be cleaned easily and also to resist in any kind of traffic in the house without getting worn or having the hair fall like animal skins did.

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This Black Fluffy Carpet from Modani is amazing. First of all because it catches your eye instantly. I actually never thought a black rug can stand out more than an orange one for example, but it is true. The black is so bold and daring that it makes you notice it immediately and you can’t help admiring it. This rug can change a room’s look and make it more classy and stylish. Besides, you can place it both at home and in your office and it will last for a really long time. The rug can be purchased for the fair price of $290 from the stores only.