Black Champagne Flutes – Jazz

I am in the mood for celebrating. I have been married for ten years now and that calls for a special party and for special arrangements. And, of course, I must bring a bottle of champagne and serve it in special glasses. I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t drink champagne, this special and amazing drink, from normal glasses because I don’t think it is appropriate. It’s like offending the champagne when placing it in ordinary glasses. The champagne glasses must be elegant and stylish and it’s compulsory for them to have a long thin leg. I normally prefer crystal flute glasses, but normal glass flutes are just fine as long as their design is special. These Black Champagne Flutes – Jazz are just what I was looking for.

Jazz Champagne Flute Collection LargeThese glasses are not entirely black, but they have some black insertions and a very unusual and unique design. They are made of glass and only decorated with black lines, swirls and spots. They remind you of jazz because the author improvises the pattern on the way and the result is spectacular. You can purchase the whole set of four for £37.95 .